5 proven strategies to increase your email conversion rates

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Email is still a great marketing channel. It consistently outperforms social media and online ads- generating impressive ROI, brand awareness and helps to grow customer loyalty. It’s easily segmented, flexible and allows a brand to reach every customer directly. Even better, email can achieve an impressive $42 for every $1 spent.

But while this can be the case, not every email campaign will reach these heights. Let’s face it, most email campaigns can be better- conversion rates can always be improved. The good news is, email conversions and lead generations can be made a lot more effective with some pretty simple steps.

So, if your conversion rates need a bit more pep, carry on reading.

Power your email content with engaging videos

If you’re not using video content in your emails, you’re missing a really big trick. The availability of guest WiFi pretty much everywhere now makes it much easier for people to open and view video content.

Video is one of the best ways to up your email engagement potential. Including a video can boost your click through rates by a staggering 65%. Even just mentioning video in a subject drives open rates up.

That’s because people LOVE video. You only have to look at YouTube, Instagram Facebook to see what a powerful engagement tool it is. Video quickly creates a human connection that’s vital to stand out and tell your brand story. If you want to get your conversion rates to pop, try using video in your emails in the following ways:

  • Show off your brand personality. Show some behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with staff and videos that share your brand story perfectly.
  • Include user-generated content videos. Not only will this increase your authority and brand-trust, you’ll also foster community engagement with your customer base.
  • Target different areas of your sales funnel. Whether you’re nurturing guest WiFi captured emails, or rewarding loyal customers at the top of the sales funnel; email lets you segment and target. Using different video content for each segment will make every email more effective.
  • Drive immediate customer action. Whether you want to direct customers to a sales page, or make a booking- email makes creating impactful calls to action easy.

Supercharge your segmentation strategy

One of the best things about email is how it can be effectively segmented- creating powerful micro-campaigns to customers and leads based on valuable data and past behaviour. This segmentation lets you better target specific groups- maximising your ability to generate leads, nurture and convert.

It’s common to segment your email list based on previous email response and past purchases. But segmenting based on other factors can be really powerful, increasing email conversions significantly.

  • Segment based on marketing quiz responses. Lots of brands use quizzes to generate email captures and create customer engagement, but using the quiz responses can powerfully segment too. Tailoring your quizzes to give you important personality preferences and behaviour insights will give your segmentation strategy much more impact; driving your response rates.
  • Use sales funnel position for segmentation. This is a really powerful way to drive response, allowing you to send valuable communications relevant to every customer. People at the bottom of your sales funnel need to be receiving different messaging to those at the top. This strengthens your lead generation, as well as your nurturing CRM activity- increasing conversions in the process.

Up your email game with some scarcity

Scarcity is a great way to increase your conversion rates- tapping in to powerful psychological theory that lots of businesses love. Scarcity is the concept that people are much more likely to want something when they think it’s in demand.

Framing your email copy with scarcity in mind will add some magic to your conversion rates, driving customers to open, click through, and ultimately convert.

Think about how you can use scarcity in your next campaign. Examples include ‘almost-gone’, ‘this offer won’t last long’ or ‘this is a limited-edition offer’. Play around with messaging that’s relevant to your brand, but always make sure you drive home demand- from subject line copy to that vital CTA at the end of your email.

Behavioural targeting makes everything more valuable

Behavioural marketing is super powerful. And sending super-relevant, triggered emails to your subscriber list based on their previous behaviour or brand interactions will send your conversion rates through the roof. This is because every single communication will be valuable and relevant to every customer- making it much harder for them to ignore.

This type of targeting is easy to automate. Follow up guest WiFi log-ins with requests for reviews of their experience, send abandoned cart emails to encourage sales, or send a relevant, upsell offer based on recent purchase or brand interaction.

Not only does personalised, added-value targeting maximise customer engagement, but you’re also much more likely to increase conversions as you’ll be sending customers what they really want, when they want it.

Don’t forget about the subject line

It can be easy to rush off a subject line, but taking the time to craft a compelling, irresistible attention-grabber will boost your conversion rates significantly. In an overcrowded inbox, it’s what first drives people to look at, then open your content- so you have to make sure it’s good.

If you can’t make people open your email in the first place, you’ll fail to convert- it’s that simple.

Luckily, there are lots of great ways to boost your subject line copy:

  • Highlight the benefits to opening your email- how will it help or add value to your customer? Why should they open it?
  • Use questions to drive interest and curiosity. This is a great technique to boost click throughs, just make sure it’s a question your customers actually  want to know the answer to.
  • Use personalisation (but do it properly). Using a ‘Hey, John!’ can really work to drive open rates and ultimately, conversions. But make sure your data is cleaned and you personalise properly- a ‘Hey, name!’ fail will just lead to an ignored email.

You can always improve email conversion rates

Email gives brands and businesses the tools to target customers directly, with personalised, relevant and carefully timed messaging. Using techniques such as scarcity, upping your subject line power and leveraging video content are all important ways to increase open rates, click throughs, and ultimately conversions.

Writer Bio: Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for Beambox. Hannah writes about marketing trends and technology- helping businesses engage and understand customers for lasting growth. Beambox is a guest WiFi provider, combining great WiFi with a marketing platform for lasting customer insight.

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