A to Z of Marketing: C = Copywriting

The A to Z of marketing is designed to give you a flavour of the multitude of components that need to be considered when marketing  a business.

This week we look at C=Copywriting.

Copywriting, as in the copy that you write in all of your communications, is critical to the success of your marketing communications.  Invest in getting a good copywriter to help you out in this area – and choose someone from outside of your industry as this avoids your copy being littered with loads of industry jargon that your prospective customers do not understand.

Focus your copy on the customer benefits of using your product or service.  Too many companies talk about themselves too much and go to great lengths at telling you how good they are, how many staff they have, when they were established, how many offices etc .  I am getting bored just thinking about it.  Forget about YOU and what YOU do and focus on THEM and what THEY get.

Also don’t make your copy too wordy.  The human race is inherently lazy and will get bored with reading your blurb after the first few sentences.  Short, punchy messages will have much more impact that War & Peace…..which is why I am going to stop there!

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Ian is the founder of Opportunity Marketing marketing, with over 18 years of experience in successfully setting up marketing departments, creating marketing strategies and implementing these strategies across a wide number of SME companies in both the B2B and B2C sectors through a variety of channels.
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