Ambition and implementation

When it comes to marketing, sometimes a great idea simply isn’t enough. For one reason or another, dozens of potentially successful marketing plans have failed to achieve their potential, or even to get off of the ground in some cases; the implementation of ambitious marketing campaigns can be a real stumbling block.

We hate to think of all of these great ideas going to waste, so that’s why our marketing experts are on hand to help you make sure that your plans get off the ground quickly and effectively.

Here’s how to guarantee that your campaigns are a success.


If the lessons of the past have taught us nothing else, it’s that the sooner you get your marketing plans into the outside world, the better. Goalposts move incredibly fast these days, and campaigns that are cutting-edge now could be completely dated in six months or a year’s time.

Don’t let your marketing plan fester in your in-tray until it becomes redundant; work in project and campaign management when devising a strategy to ensure that your marketing plan gets on track and stays there, just like we do through our Gold and Platinum packages.


The importance of accurate communication with your audience cannot be underestimated. We’ve all heard stories about companies who have attempted to market products or services in foreign territories and been caught out by miscommunication – Honda’s Jazz, formerly named the Fitta springs to mind (Google it!) – but you don’t need to be marketing in a foreign language to make costly mistakes.

It’s a common cliché, but content really is king, so you need to ensure that your copy is top-notch and free from errors. Wherever possible, work hard to make sure that you have tailored your communications to match your target audience, and that it’s as flawless as possible.


We don’t feel it’s quite enough to just set your marketing plan in motion and leave it to its own devices. Markets and audiences are ever-changing entities; it would be foolish to assume that just because a specific marketing strategy works at first that it will work indefinitely.

Consistent input is essential throughout the life of marketing campaigns, whether this takes the form of monthly assessments to monitor how a marketing plan is performing, proactive planning and communication of any changes that may need making or quarterly strategy reviews. The most successful campaigns will assess audience groups and competitor’s activities, and tie them in with any changes in the market to ensure that any leads are longer lasting.

For effective campaigns, you need to do the same.

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Ian is the founder of Opportunity Marketing marketing, with over 18 years of experience in successfully setting up marketing departments, creating marketing strategies and implementing these strategies across a wide number of SME companies in both the B2B and B2C sectors through a variety of channels.
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