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Marketing made easy – 12 acronyms explained

As with many industries, there’s a lot of jargon involved in marketing and you shouldn’t need to be a marketing consultant to understand them. What makes matters even more confusing is that many of the terms are often abbreviated into TLA’s (three letter acronyms – see what we did).  So, to help make your life […]


5 ways marketing can improve the sales rollercoaster

Marketing and sales have always been put together as intertwined disciplines within business for many moons. Although they are very different, which is why we always recommend them having individual director representation, one cannot really survive without the other. In order to generate sales, you need awareness, communications and mechanisms to take a prospective customer […]

Five Big Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Figures

When people hear the word “Marketing” they often think of all the creative outputs of marketing – TV advertising, big brands, websites, digital campaigns, glossy brochures and all that sexy stuff that oozes creativity. You will often hear marketing departments get called the “pretty picture” parade, or if someone asks what the marketing team are […]

Avoiding the 5 Classic ROI Pitfalls

Marketing is an area of business that is widely misunderstood.  If you ask 100 small business owners what “marketing” means to them, you will get a plethora of different answers that range from advertising, selling, branding, “make you look good”, PR, social media, websites and Google – and you will probably get the odd one […]

Discover Marketing Event Launched

After successfully servicing SME clients with strategic marketing advice and implementation support for almost 9 years, Opportunity Marketing has recently announced that it is going to launch a series of marketing event workshops across the UK. With the first event set to take place in Leeds (Carrwood Park) on  Wednesday 10th May, the “Discover Marketing Event […]

Why you need to understand your marketing gap

The marketing gap, very simply, is the difference between where you currently are and where you are trying to get to.  This void is what you want your marketing activity to generate.  If you don’t know what this marketing gap is – how can you expect anyone to fill it? In order, for any marketer, […]

6 things people may absolutely despise about your website

Regardless of business size, one of the first things a business owner looks to get in order is a website – and that’s understandable given the digital age we live in. Websites are now playing a huge role for businesses, and for some e-commerce sites it’s literally everything to them. However, in many cases, businesses […]

The 4 Best Networking Groups for Small Business

We are living in an increasingly global business climate, where brands are constantly encouraged to expand their marketing reach through social media and access an international talent pool remotely. While this offers potentially huge advantages for businesses, those at the wheel of SMEs should never underestimate the importance of forging connections within their local community. […]