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Why marketing campaigns and strategies are different yet essential for business growth

It would be stating the obvious, during our current times, that finding ways to grow a business is a challenge.  With restrictions and guidelines constantly changing, is there any point in businesses even trying to plan for the future?     As 2021 beckons, taking time to craft an approach that combines both a marketing strategy and […]

How to leverage customer relationships for business growth

Research suggests that over 2 in 3 small businesses are not using any CRM system to manage their customer relationships.  Many preferring to record customer data on endless spreadsheets. Whilst Excel and other spreadsheet software have their place, using a CRM system is best placed to help businesses better understand all they need to know […]

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Why personas are so important to customer centric marketing

Customer centric marketing is pivotal when creating a successful sales and marketing strategy.  When it comes to growing your business and improving your bottom line, nothing is more important than knowing what makes your customers and prospects tick. Whatever industry or sector you operate in, understanding and creating semi-fictional characters (more commonly known as personas) […]