Traditional marketing advice for small business.

Key Process Stages
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Why are robust processes critical to marketing success?

Whatever anyone says, Marketing is merely a process.  It is not a dark art, and anyone pretending that there is a “secret marketing formula” for success, is talking cobblers.  Marketing is actually a very logical process. …
Explosion of colours and concepts within a customers head
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Why marketing communications need to get inside the customer’s mind

When is the last time you created any marketing communications for your business? It may have been a website, landing page, e-shot, social media post or a promotional campaign. The chances are it will have been in the last week or so. Now have…

Why everyone in your business should live and breathe your mission, vision and values

Your mission, vision and values are what define your business and can steer the manner in which you operate. However, we often find that many businesses either don’t have any in place, or they simply remain amongst senior staff and aren’t…
Strategic marketing

Does Flyering Work For Small Business? Here’s What You Should Know

Every business needs to get the word out there about who they are and what they do. Between social networks and online deal sites, digital platforms are popular for reaching customers. But traditional aspects of the promotional mix are by no…

How To Create A Successful Call Sales Pitch

In 2016, the sales call is a divisive subject. For some, it’s an instant turn-off, frequently described as dead. For many others, though, it’s still very much a part of a winning sales strategy. No matter how certain statistics may…
Print Media for SMEs

Why Your SME Should Consider Print Media

The notion that “print is dead” is something that has become all too familiar with many people, however they’ve failed to realise that in actual fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. Print media is probably just as important now…
Word of Mouth Marketing

3 Key Steps To Get Referrals Using Word Of Mouth

As an SME it’s important you make the most of every avenue available to get your brand noticed and increase awareness and trade. Word of mouth is a one of the oldest marketing tactics you can utilise, yet still presents a great opportunity…