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The Franchise Marketing Dilemma

Currently there are around 48,000 franchise businesses in the UK , a number which has doubled in the last 25 years, across 900 franchise brands that now employ over 621,000 people (an increase of 70% in last 10 years).  Franchising is…
"Passion led us here" printed on pavement slabs.

Values: a solid base from which to build a successful business

Our values are our core beliefs – guidelines for how we live our lives. They help shape our decisions, influence our behaviour, and regulate our actions towards others. Personal values are often intrinsic – we act on them naturally and…
Businessman at crossroads deciding between outsourcing and inhouse

The in-house versus outsourcing marketing dilemma

Marketing takes a significant amount of time and resource for any business to implement and to be done well it needs structure and the right levels of support. Every business is different. When it comes to the best route to take there are…
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Making Meaning of B2C and B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a technology that helps businesses manage marketing campaigns across a variety of channels. Not only does it help businesses save time. Automating marketing processes also contributes to successful lead generation and…
Rows of Jam on a Market Stall

If you want your prospects to buy more, offer less

It sounds counter-intuitive. Surely if you want people to buy more, you have to offer them more? Well actually, research has discovered that too much choice has the opposite effect. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and looked at the menu…
Marketing's Golden Bullet Secret
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Marketing’s “Golden Bullet” Secret

One of the questions that often gets asked of marketing companies is "what should I be doing?" or "what are the quick wins?".  In actual fact what most businesses are asking is what is the quick and easy way to invest my money to get a good…
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Why audio marketing should be considered in your marketing strategy

While the use of audio within marketing has been around for years, the advancement of technology has meant that it’s developed a considerable amount in recent years. 2 of the main areas where audio now has the biggest impact in our lives is…

How do you know if you need a marketing agency or marketing consultant?

Many businesses often fail at the first step when it comes marketing.  This usually comes down to whether they need a marketing consultancy or a marketing agency. It’s important you’re able to distinguish between the 2 as it can have a…
What happens in a second on the internet

What happens in a single second on the internet?

Online marketing is part of many companies’ marketing strategies, due to its relative affordability and the potential to reach audiences of millions of people in a matter of hours. The sheer scale of the internet (and how we use it) can be…
1984 Olympic marketing campaigns

Fantastically flawed marketing campaigns: McDonald’s, 1984 Olympics

Every business knows that sporting events are great opportunities for themed marketing campaigns. Back in the ‘80s, it was no different. The 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles was the first summer Olympic Games in the United States since the…