Online marketing tips for small business.

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Why should you never think website first in your approach to marketing.

There aren’t many businesses that don’t have a website – even if it’s just a basic one-pager. It’s often one of the first marketing tools new companies invest in, and with good reason. After all, most people use the internet regularly…
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Making Meaning of B2C and B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a technology that helps businesses manage marketing campaigns across a variety of channels. Not only does it help businesses save time. Automating marketing processes also contributes to successful lead generation and…
Marketing's Chicken & Egg Dilemma
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The Answer to Marketing’s “Chicken and Egg” Dilemma

One of the world’s most famous questions…. ”which came first”.  Whichever way you look at it there is always an equally compelling counter argument, an alternative perspective.  However, within marketing the answer is much clearer…
Content Marketing Examples

Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace: 6 Disruptive Content Marketing Examples

Whisper it quietly, but there is a storm brewing in the world of content marketing. We are referring to the emergence of disruptive content marketing, which is revolutionising the way in which brands position themselves in 2018. This is a tactic…
Small Business Marketing Ideas
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Small Business Marketing Ideas: The COMPLETE List

In a world of vast marketing budgets, newspaper ads and national T.V. spots, it can feel like a small business has very few options when it comes to advertising. But the truth is, small business marketing doesn’t have to be super expensive…
2016 Marketing Trends

4 Digital Marketing Trends To Inspire Decisions in 2016

In creative fields such as product design and marketing, the nature of best practice is continually evolving. This is reflected in the recent marginalisation of brainstorming, which is now thought to hinder productivity and impede those with…

How Changes to Google AdWords Will Affect Your SME

As we know Google is always changing the way it serves results (whether organic or paid ads) in order to provide users with the most relevant content possible. These changes often lead to an increasingly more competitive environment for businesses…

5 Reasons Your SME Should Use Instagram

Instagram has come a long way since its initial release in October 2010. After an increased uptake in the number of businesses which now use Instagram as a marketing tool, we’ve seen developers slowly introduce features which allow businesses…
Content Marketing

Content marketing explained

21st Century marketing is an ever-changing process and most marketing consultants agree that your company needs to act fast if it’s going to keep up with the times. Online marketing now represents a considerable percentage of many businesses’…