How important is your brand identity?

You’ve probably heard phrases like brand, branding and brand identity being bandied around, but what do they all mean and are they actually that important? In the simplest terms, your brand (or branding) is what differentiates you from…
Black Friday Marketing Promotion graphic
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Why “Black Friday” may not be the best marketing promotion

The marketing promotion "Black Friday" has become a transatlantic marketing phenomenon.  But just because something gets a lot of hype, doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for your business.  In this article we take a look at the…

The Big ‘Why’ in Marketing (and its importance)

Marketing is a huge discipline that spans more than just the marketing team and is often one of the most misunderstood activities in any business. Most people consider marketing to be the tip of the iceberg that is poking its head above…
Key Process Stages
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Why are robust processes critical to marketing success?

Whatever anyone says, Marketing is merely a process.  It is not a dark art, and anyone pretending that there is a “secret marketing formula” for success, is talking cobblers.  Marketing is actually a very logical process. …
Close up of a happy customer's smile
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The Marketing Secret to Keeping Customers Smiling

I think I speak for the vast majority when I say that we all would like our customers to be happy customers. So, what makes a customer keep coming back? What makes a customer happy? What makes a customer smile?
Alternative routes to market
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How to Evaluate the Best Route to Market

So, you have perfected your product or service and you have a created a value proposition to a very specific target market! Now all you have to do is sell it (which will require a route to market)! Sometimes so much passion and time is spent…
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How to avoid wasting marketing budget

The majority of SME businesses are very wary of spending money, which is completely understandable. Some of the more forward-thinking business owners realise that marketing is an investment and that, in order to grow, they need to invest. However,…

Marketing’s Hidden Gem! (The Seven P’s Part Four: People)

Continuing the series of ‘The Seven P’s’ this blog focuses on a key element which is often overlooked but can be the difference between marketing success and failure – your people! A couple of recent TV shows have recently come back…

The Marketing Glue! (The Seven P’s Part Three: Process)

Continuing the series of ‘The Seven P’s’ this blog focuses on a key element which can potentially undo all of the hard work of the rest of your marketing! You will often find me ranting on about how marketing is not just about promotions…

Come on Down, The Price is Right (The Seven P’s – Part Two: Price)

Continuing the series of ‘The Seven P’s’ this blog focuses on a key element which can make or break any product or service – Price! Price is an issue which many companies struggle with – too expensive and not enough customers will…