Here are 4 tactics to go bigger at Amazon


Amazon, the retail giant, has surpassed all other ecommerce businesses to be the best in the US and around the world.

As a seller, one would want to list their products on Amazon rather than anywhere else.

But, how to launch big and reach the skies?

We believe that this success comes with research, creativity, and hard work. You need to have clear goals to focus on. Many people have made it big on Amazon just by using the existing tools present on the site.

Moreover, you can also use the pull of Amazon to grow your ecommerce website. Let us guide you to some best practices to shine on Amazon as a seller.

Through Reviews

After the product itself, existing reviews are the single most crucial factor to convert potential customers into actual customers. Whenever online buyers are unsure if they should purchase a product, they look for past customer reviews. You can consult with an Amazon coach for further stats.

Amazon prioritizes customer satisfaction, so Amazon algorithms give higher search rankings to listings with better customer reviews.

The closer a listing is to the top, the higher their chance of making the sale. It is essential to make sure every touch point with the online customer is thoroughly looked into and is tailored for customer satisfaction.

From accepting order, order accuracy, to shipment times, to the packaging of the product and several other factors. Businesses looking for 5-star reviews must ensure all of these steps are executed perfectly. A mistake at even one touchpoint will make a customer liable to give less than 5 stars. Every star lost is an opportunity lost.

  • Create an effective strategy for review collection.
  • Encourage customers to leave their feedback.
  • You can send them an email after their order is delivered, asking for an honest review. Make sure you don’t push them for a positive review – ask for an honest review every time.
  • Use the request review button within 30 days of order completion.
  • Do not try to get fake or paid reviews. Amazon detects them and suspends merchant accounts.

Try to get the Buy Box listing

The buy box is the highly coveted white box on the right side of a customer’s screen, from where they can directly add a product to their cart. Depending on the device a customer is using to order, between 80-90% of all Amazon purchases are made through the buy box.

Those small businesses that want to make it big on Amazon cannot ignore the importance of the Buy Box.

Sellers must optimize their product listings for the buy box. Usually, competition is very high. Amazon takes multiple factors into account when deciding who gets the buy box listing for a particular product.

Your product must be priced competitively; you must have a high seller rating with excellent customer reviews. Using ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ dramatically increases chances for buy box listing. Product shipping time is also essential.

Optimize for SEO

Luckily, the SEO for Amazon is much simpler than that for Google. Amazon Prime alone has 54 million members.

You can unlock more sales and rewards by optimizing your Amazon seller page for SEO. Amazon utilizes different factors to rank sellers on search results. Once you know that, you can easily use those factors to research keywords.

On-page SEO principles apply to your seller page, just like they apply to Pinterest or even a website. When you begin, perform competitor research to see how they are playing the game. It will also give you a garden-fresh perspective to rank for keywords that matter more to your brand.

Vendor Coupons

This is a lesser-known hack that can help you dominate in your niche. If you are an individual seller and have your professional account, you can easily take advantage of Amazon’s promotional packages. Serial shoppers and savvy coupon-hunters always take advantage of Amazon deals.

To check out those deals, go to the ‘today’s deals’ section on Amazon. The link will take you to the deals page where you can find ‘coupons’ in the menu bar. These are the Vendor Powered Coupons (VPCs) and are a world in itself. There are coupons for almost everything in this section, powered by vendors.

Every coupon has been assigned a page and link for itself. Depending on your seller status, you can easily make use of these coupons. Coupons have a higher marketing pull than regular products, so put these links forwards just as you would market a product.

You can also hand these out to friends and family and ask them to post reviews on your pages to get your name and ratings up. It works if you have the right type of account.

Last word

Selling on Amazon does not have to be intimidating. Even if you start now, you are still selling on the world’s biggest ecommerce portal. The odds are still in your favor! You need to keep on-trend and learn the best tools to push your marketplace forward.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get ranked as a top seller on Amazon using the tips mentioned above.

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