UK mobile advertising market to grow 90% in 2013

The UK mobile advertising market is likely to grow to almost double its size to £1bn in 2013. This prediction comes as Google, Facebook and Twitter are continuously managing to successfully mine the smartphone, tablet and app revolution. Mobile marketing and advertising doesn’t have to be expensive, as many small businesses are discovering to their credit.

Consumers’ love of devices is what seems to be fuelling the growth of the market; Britain has the highest smartphone usage in the world and tablets and similar portable devices are now commonplace. Clark Fredricksen, vice-president of communications at eMarketer, said: ‘Two years ago, Facebook and Twitter had no mobile ad business. Today, the companies earn between a third and half respectively of all revenues from mobile ads.’ It is estimated that Facebook UK will make £279m in total digital ad revenue this year, a 25% year on year rise. This is due to the increasingly easy accessibility of the social networking site on numerous devices, which in turn has helped increase the usage of mobile devices and therefore the growth from £52m in 2012 to an estimated £8bn by 2016.

Whilst most companies marketing through these social networks are doing so through paid advertising channels, those small businesses with a limited budget will still be able to reach wider audiences through social media marketing. We would encourage businesses to work on engaging with their customers and encouraging discussions by listening to what they have to say, as well as ensuring their social networks are updated frequently with relevant posts. Sales broadcasts should be balanced with other interesting, entertaining or informative updates.

As with any marketing strategy, the focus must balance the present as much as the future, considering what the goals are and possible adaptations that may need to be made due to an ever-changing marketing world.

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Ian is the founder of Opportunity Marketing marketing, with over 18 years of experience in successfully setting up marketing departments, creating marketing strategies and implementing these strategies across a wide number of SME companies in both the B2B and B2C sectors through a variety of channels.
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