Why “Black Friday” may not be the best marketing promotion

The marketing promotion "Black Friday" has become a transatlantic…
September 4, 2019/by Ian Kirk

Here are 4 tactics to go bigger at Amazon

Amazon, the retail giant, has surpassed all
other ecommerce…
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Marketing Techniques: How to Stick in the brain!

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The Big ‘Why’ in Marketing (and its importance)

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Being a PEST: from convenience to conscience marketing

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Why are robust processes critical to marketing success?

Whatever anyone says, Marketing is merely a process.  It…
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Why ROI is key to Marketing Strategy (and how to influence it)

In any sound marketing strategy all roads must lead to ROI (return on investment). Otherwise what is the point of it all?
May 15, 2019/by Ian Kirk

How to evaluate marketing activity effectively

A look at what you need to understand in order to evaluate marketing effectiveness.
April 30, 2019/by Rachel Proctor

How to set a Marketing Budget

An overview of what to consider when setting your marketing budget to ensure that you get a positive return on investment.
April 8, 2019/by Antoine Pluquailec

Why a marketing audit is such a powerful investment

So, first things first, what actually is a marketing audit? …
March 21, 2019/by Ian Kirk

The Marketing Secret to Keeping Customers Smiling

I think I speak for the vast majority when I say that we all would like our customers to be happy customers. So, what makes a customer keep coming back? What makes a customer happy? What makes a customer smile?
January 30, 2019/by Ian Kirk

Why marketing communications need to get inside the customer’s mind

When is the last time you created any marketing communications…
December 18, 2018/by Ian Kirk

What your business can learn from New Year rituals!

First of all, let us take the chance to wish everybody the warmest…
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Should Brexit impact how you conduct your Marketing?

Barely a week goes by without someone enquiring about the impact…
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Don’t fall behind next year – prepare your business now

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How to Check Whether Your Marketing Messaging is Aligned

Is your marketing messaging aligned? Let’s face it, most business…
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Blockbuster Collapse is a Marketing Horror Movie

When last week’s news came out that Blockbuster were launching…
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If you want your prospects to buy more, offer less

It sounds counter-intuitive. Surely if you want people to buy…
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How a Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business

For many who don’t have any in-house marketing resource, don’t…
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How to Evaluate the Best Route to Market

So, you have perfected your product or service and you have a…
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How well do you really know your customers?

When it comes to your customers, can you really say you understand…
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8 factors that could determine the success of your product

Your products and services sit at the heart of your business…
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3 Reasons Growth Marketing Is the Best Strategy (And Why You Should Let Us Help!)

If there’s one way you can add
revenue to your bottom line…
May 23, 2018/by Guest Author

Why everyone in your business should live and breathe your mission, vision and values

Your mission, vision and values are what define your business…
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Should your business still use Instagram in 2018?

In March 2016 we wrote a blog looking at ‘5 reasons your business…
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SEO vs PPC – the key to increasing website traffic using Google

Search engines such as Google have proven to be a key asset in…
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How to avoid wasting marketing budget

The majority of SME businesses are very wary of spending money,…
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How can I grow my email list using my website?

Collecting data for email marketing can make for a great way…
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5 point check to ensure your B2C marketing is GDPR compliant

While many businesses are addressing GDPR compliance on a general…
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5 tips on social media influencer marketing

Social media influencer marketing has grown increasingly popular…
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