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Why should you never think website first in your approach to marketing.

There aren’t many businesses that don’t have a website – even if it’s just a basic one-pager. It’s often one of the first marketing tools new companies invest in, and with good reason. After all, most people use the internet regularly…

How important is your brand identity?

You’ve probably heard phrases like brand, branding and brand identity being bandied around, but what do they all mean and are they actually that important? In the simplest terms, your brand (or branding) is what differentiates you from…
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Marketing review: The importance of an outsider’s perspective to overcome the internal bias

When it comes to a marketing review, who knows your business better than you? “No-one” is the likely answer.  So why do some businesses opt to bring in external consultants to advise on areas such as marketing?  Surely the knowledge…
Helpful Tips coming from a megaphone

How to identify which marketing tips are right for you?

Sometimes it seems like everyone has an opinion on marketing. Not just marketing experts but other business owners, employees, suppliers, and even your well-meaning friends and family members want to give you marketing tips. There’s advice…
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How to identify the perfect time for a marketing consultation

What do you think of when you hear the word “marketing”? Do you think branding? Website? Social media? It’s easy to focus on surface-level outputs – the stuff your customers see – but there’s much more to marketing than adverts…
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How to evaluate if your marketing strategy is still fit for purpose

Is your marketing strategy still fit for purpose? The world has changed significantly over the last 12 months. Some experts think this is an inevitable paradigm shift and things will never truly return to how they were pre-2020. But, whilst…