Marketing Implementation

Marketing Implementation

Companies can fall into the trap of spending time and investing money in a marketing plan which then sits in their in-trays for months. However, unlike many consultancies, we prefer to stick around to ensure that our recommendations are implemented correctly, so that our clients get the highest possible return from their investment and we become your outsourced marketing department.

Opportunity Marketing can ensure your plan is fully implemented and supported through the deployment of a qualified marketing expert, at the level you require, so that you can quickly begin to see results and generate a return on investment.

Opportunity Marketing offer a range of ongoing marketing implementation and support packages which can be tailored to suit your business requirements.  These range from a flexible resource at the end of the phone to a fully outsourced marketing director support function.

What’s more is that if we are retained on a 12 month basis off the back of a Fast Track Marketing Plan or Full Marketing Strategy we are happy to provide a ROI performance guarantee.

Marketing Implementation