Marketing Mentor

Marketing Mentoring

Often within an SME business someone in-house gets marketing assigned to them, even though they may have very little marketing experience.  Alternatively sometimes someone gets promoted from within the business and becomes a marketing manager without the formal training required to carry out the role effectively.  In other cases the business owner likes to be in control of everything to do with their business, which includes marketing.

If marketing is a discipline you want to keep in-house, but you know you are lacking some of the marketing knowledge or skills required to fully maximise its effectiveness then we offer marketing mentoring services on an ongoing basis.

We can also assist in the recruitment of a marketing assistant and help develop their marketing skills through our ongoing marketing mentoring process.

The beauty with the marketing mentoring process is that as well as ensuring your marketing plan is being implemented correctly, you are also investing in the individual assigned to carry it out.  Their skills and marketing knowledge will develop the longer that they are mentored, so it provides a win-win for all parties.  It avoids stunting a young marketers growth through the lack of marketing management within the business.