Mission, Vision & Values

Our aim is to ensure that every single business we work with generates a return on investment from their marketing spend. This means that we work closely with businesses throughout the marketing process, from marketing strategy development to implementing their complete plan, so that their time and investment is only used for marketing tactics which are right for their business goals.


To help SME businesses grow and fulfil their potential.

We want to ensure SME businesses fully understand the basic fundamentals of what marketing is prior to investing money into poorly conceived marketing communications.  This will help businesses to use marketing effectively by generating more sales opportunities, thus helping to achieve their objectives and generate a solid Return on Investment from their total marketing spend.

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Become the UK’s No 1. SME marketing consultancy.

We want Opportunity Marketing to be recognised as the UK’s most specialist SME marketing consultancy with our sole focus on getting results and generating client ROI, which sets us apart from alternative design led communications agencies across the country.

We will never be considered an agency, as marketing agencies are a support function to an internal marketing department.  We will be our SME clients’ marketing department.

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To be a trusted extension of our clients’ own business.

Because Opportunity is based upon a solid foundation of integrity and impartiality, with only our client’s interests at the heart of everything we do, we naturally become an extended arm of their business.  We achieve this through the following….

Be open and honest.

We do not hide any costs from our clients.  We always put the client’s interests first.  We admit if we are wrong and rectify our mistakes.  We feedback regularly, openly and honestly on our own performance. Rather than looking for the next sale, we are looking at how we can help our clients make the next sale.

Build relationships.

We view all of our relationships as the bedrock of the business – whether they are clients, suppliers, associates and acquaintances.  We help our network of contacts wherever and whenever we can.  We do not have a ‘what’s in it for us mentality’. We believe that what goes around, comes around.

Be commercial.

We always consider what the likely return on investment from everything that we do is and recommend accordingly.  We don’t care if something ‘looks good’, if it works it ‘is good’ irrespective of what it looks like.  We like to use facts!

Be accountable.

We respect the fact that our client’s are placing their faith and investment into us in order to ultimately grow their own business.  We must have conviction in what we say and stand by the results of our recommendations and actions.

Have integrity.

A consultant will never work with competing organisations at the same time as we avoid conflicts of interest at all cost.  We treat all customer data with the highest level of confidentiality and do not disclose any company information to third parties without client permission.

Be continually striving for better.

We never sit on our laurels, in terms of our own business or our clients.  We are always striving for better ways of doing things and generating better results.  We are always looking to impart our knowledge onto our clients so that they can in turn perform better.