We focus on the whole iceberg

What makes us different?

In a word….everything.  Opportunity Marketing was originally created because of the gaping hole in the marketplace for a supplier of practical strategic marketing advice to the SME marketplace.

Unlike a typical marketing agency, we start at the beginning with every client.  We assume nothing and have a very transparent process all clients go through so we can extract all the information we need.  We approach all clients with a blank sheet of paper and create the right strategy for your specific situation and ambitions.  Also because we are process driven we have a very transparent pricing structure which is the same for all clients, irrespective of their size.

We are different to the average marketing agency because we are not creative.  We don’t design anything and although we advise on how the business should be positioned, the channels it should use and it’s messaging, we allow creatives to do the “creative stuff”.  This means we are completely impartial and our focus is purely on making recommendations that are right for YOU.

We are different to most consultants because not only do we tell you how you should market your business, we are also keen to stick around to help you do it!  We always prefer to be retained to ensure our recommendations become reality.  We also measure the success of our recommendations to ensure that what we are doing is generating profitable growth for our clients.