Fast Track Marketing Plan

In order for any business to maximise its sales performance it needs to work from a clear marketing strategy.  However many small businesses do not want to go through the long process of developing an in-depth marketing strategy, which is why we developed a fast track marketing plan – in order to provide business owners with an actionable plan that they can start to implement within 2-3 weeks and generate results quickly.

The Fast Track Marketing Plan is a detailed process where a marketing expert will visit you for a full day’s one-to-one marketing consultation session. This personal service means that we can fully understand your business, the marketplace you operate within and who your competitors are whilst weighing up the effectiveness of previous marketing plans, campaigns and activities.

After the initial consultation we will produce a detailed marketing plan within fifteen working days which includes details on how your offering should be segmented, who your targets markets should be, how you should be competitively positioned, clarity over your brand values and outlining what your key messaging should be.

Once this has been completed we can advise on the right mix of marketing activity to support your business objectives and help brief suppliers correctly to deliver these elements.  We will recommend the correct channels and the correct marketing campaigns which will help you to achieve your profitable growth targets.