Should your business still use Instagram in 2018?

In March 2016 we wrote a blog looking at ‘5 reasons your business…
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SEO vs PPC – the key to increasing website traffic using Google

Search engines such as Google have proven to be a key asset in…
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How to avoid wasting marketing budget

The majority of SME businesses are very wary of spending money,…
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How can I grow my email list using my website?

Collecting data for email marketing can make for a great way…
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5 point check to ensure your B2C marketing is GDPR compliant

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5 tips on social media influencer marketing

Social media influencer marketing has grown increasingly popular…
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Cartoon of man going mad and pulling his hair out!

The Marketing Insanity Test

There is no doubt that one of the most commonly heard clichéd…
January 30, 2018/by Ian Kirk
facebook algorithm update

How your business can overcome Facebook’s algorithm update

On January 11th Facebook made an announcement on the latest change…
January 23, 2018/by Ian Kirk
Marketing's Golden Bullet Secret

Marketing’s “Golden Bullet” Secret

One of the questions that often gets asked of marketing companies…
January 10, 2018/by Ian Kirk

Why audio marketing should be considered in your marketing strategy

While the use of audio within marketing has been around for years,…
December 22, 2017/by Ian Kirk
2018 business preparations

Don’t fall behind in 2018 – prepare your business now

With the year gradually drawing to a close, you can be forgiven…
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How do you know whether you need a marketing agency or marketing consultant?

Many businesses often fail at the first step when it comes marketing…
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Marketing's Chicken & Egg Dilemma

The Answer to Marketing’s “Chicken and Egg” Dilemma

One of the world’s most famous questions…. ”which came…
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3 simple social media tools to understand your customers

Since the boom of social media, businesses have found it increasingly…
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marketing small businesses

Marketing help for small businesses – How to get started

Many small businesses don’t often have large budgets to splash…
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4 Twitter campaigns that went horribly wrong

Social media campaigns should always be approached with care.…
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Content Marketing Examples

Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace: 6 Disruptive Content Marketing Examples

Whisper it quietly, but there is a storm brewing in the world…
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Marketing made easy – 12 acronyms explained

As with many industries, there’s a lot of jargon involved in…
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5 ways marketing can improve the sales rollercoaster

Marketing and sales have always been put together as intertwined…
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Brain Balance

Five Big Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Figures

When people hear the word “Marketing” they often think of…
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Avoiding the 5 Classic ROI Pitfalls

Marketing is an area of business that is widely misunderstood. …
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Discover Marketing Event Promo Banner

Discover Marketing Event Launched

After successfully servicing SME clients with strategic marketing…
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Mind the Gap

Why you need to understand your marketing gap

The marketing gap, very simply, is the difference between where…
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6 things people may absolutely despise about your website

Regardless of business size, one of the first things a business…
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2017 plans

What your business can learn from New Year rituals!

First of all, let us take the chance to wish everybody the warmest…
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The 4 Best Networking Groups for Small Business

We are living in an increasingly global business climate, where…
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5 Epic Ways To Turn Your Small Business from Zero to Hero

If there is one small business statistic that stands out from…
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6 Free Keyword Research Tools (And Why You Need Them)

Keywords are the holy grail of any SEO strategy, and without…
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